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About our consultancy
Bernadette is a published author and a respected international practitioner  in the field of handwriting analysis. Her book, titled   "International Manual of Graphology"
published in 2013 was co-written with three other experienced graphologists.  Its second edition was published mid-2015.
As chief executive of of  the  International Graphological Colloquium  (IGC) Bernadette 
has lectured and represented  the British Academy of Graphology at frequent IGC congresses  in Canada, USA, France, Italy and Spain.   She previously spent two years as the Vice-Principal of the British Academy of Graphology.  She is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts and has RSA certification in Counselling skills.
We also hold expertise in the field of lecturing in graphology.  Bernadette is a tutor and examiner for the London College of Graphology and lectures to the British Academy of Graphology .  Her specialist subjects include the assessment of suitability for sensitive and high-level placements, family dynamics, emotional and mental stability, and insight towards personal  growth and development.

About its founder

The consultancy  was established by Bernadette Keefe in 1992 when Bernadette gained the Advanced Diploma of the British Academy of Graphology.
Based close to London's Canary Wharf,  we are  vigilant in providing accurate, unbiased
and perceptive reports that are both helpful and honest. 
We explain character traits, talents and human potential, weighing strengths against limitations, in a balanced and constructive 
manner – to ensure that far greater
understanding is gained.  Client support and confidentiality are absolutely paramount, as is our adherence to a strict European code of Ethics ( ADEG ). 
Whether you are confident, curious or reticent about proceeding with a handwriting analysis, be assured that every analysis is
carried out with respect, empathy and discretion.  After 23 years of assessing thousands of handwritings, all of which were uniquely individual, we know that everyone has a mixture of positive, negative, and contrary qualities, but knowing 'which' and 'where' these traits are, helps towards realising greater potential.   

"Bernadette is one of the best graphologists I have ever met. She has a profound knowledge of graphology and an immese respect for human beings which is what makes a good graphologist above all .”
Dr. Vincenza De Petrillo
Graphology Lecturer LUMSA University, Rome
Associazione Grafologica Italiana